Atlantic Bridge Project

Proceedings for the Spectra Algonquin Gas Pipeline Atlantic Bridge Project (CP16-9) impacting the Town of Weymouth in Massachusetts with the construction of a new compressor station, pipeline expansions in New York and Connecticut, reversal of the flow of the Maritimes & Northeast pipeline now from Dracut to Nova Scotia, and other upgrades.

November 14, 2019 – Town of Weymouth Objection to NTP

November 14, 2019 – PLAN opposition to issuance of NTP re RAM

November 14, 2019 – PLAN re imminent hazard DEP attachment

November 13, 2019 – Enbridge NTP Request-Weymouth & Westbrook

November 13, 2019 – 11-13-19 PLAN opposition to NTP re Enbridge misstatements

November 13, 2019 – Enbridge response to Opposition to Notice to Proceed

November 1, 2019 – PLAN opposition to anticipated Notice To Proceed

May 23, 2017 – Town of Weymouth Petition for Review of FERC’s Order Issuing Certification

March 13, 2017 – Answer of Algonquin and Maritimes & Northeast to Requests for Stay and Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer to Requests for Rehearing

February 1, 2017 – Senators Markey and Warren Call on FERC to Rescind Authorization for Spectra’s Atlantic Bridge Pipeline

January 27, 2017 – Feds approve Atlantic Bridge natural gas project with compressor station in Massachusetts, MassLive

June 22, 2016 – PLAN re Weymouth Request for Advisory Opinion

May 30, 2016 – PLAN Spectra Scoping Comments – Segmentation, Air Quality and Noise

May 23, 2016 – Mayor Hedlund letter to Secretary Beaton re CZM Review Supplemental

May 11, 2016 – PLAN To FERC re Spectra Scoping and EA

March 30, 2016 – Mayor Hedlund letter to Secretary Beaton re CZM Federal Consistency Review

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