Tennessee Gas in Agawam

Tennessee Gas Pipeline has proposed the 261 Upgrade Projects” which consist of the Line 261B Pipeline Looping Project and the Compressor Station 261 Horsepower Replacement Project in Agawam.

TGPAgawamUpgradesMap   TGPAgawamLoopingMap

The Looping Project includes 2.1 miles of 12-inch-diameter loop to be installed on Tennessee’s existing 261B-100 pipeline.  The majority of the loop will be located within Tennessee’s existing pipeline corridors and will replace an existing inactive 6-inch-diameter pipeline where feasible.

The HP Replacement Project involves removing two existing older units (a Solar Saturn installed in 1965 and a Solar Centaur installed in 1991) and installing a new Solar Taurus 70 unit. This design will provide higher pressure into the 10-inch 261B-100 pipeline, and will increase the operational reliability to serve Holyoke Gas & Electric customer.

MEPA Filing:

August 10, 2018 – PLAN-NE’s comments  re: EEA 15879 TGP Agawam to MEPA

June 26, 2018 – EEA #15879 – Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Expanded Environmental Notification Form with Appendices for Agawam Station 261 Upgrade Projects

The EEA Secretary’s Certification of the filing is expected 10 days after the comment deadline of August 10. Within the certification will be the Secretary’s decision on TGP’s request for a single EIR (Environmental Impact Report) as opposed to a Draft and then a Final EIR. The release schedule of the EIR will be in TGP’s hands. Once the EIR is released there will be a 30-day public comment period on the EIR, once if single or twice if draft and final.

401 Water Quality Certificate Filing:

  • Expected in September 2018.

FERC Filing:

  • Expected in September 2018.