DPU and PUC proceedings

Proceedings at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) and the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

» Electric Distribution Company (EDC) petitions

MA DPU: Eversource and National Grid have filed petitions to purchase capacity on Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct and Spectra Energy’s Access Northeast gas pipelines. Both Eversource and National Grid are seeking to use  the DPU authorized “subsidy” created with Docket 15-37 which would allow the electric utilities to charge their electric ratepayers their costs of building the gas pipelines.  PLAN-NE and the Town of Dracut are among various stakeholders that have filed petitions to intervene in the National Grid dockets.

  • Timeline:
  • 3-10-2016, 2pm, Boston DPU office: Public hearing
  • 5-3-2016, 7pm, Stoughton HS Auditorium: Public comment hearing
  • 6-14-2016, 5pm, Pittsfield Atheneum: Public comment hearing
  • 6-17-2016, 5pm, Public written comment deadline

NH PUC:  Eversource has filed a petition to purchase capacity on Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Access Northeast gas pipeline on Docket 16-241. Eversource is petitioning to charge their electric ratepayers their costs of building the gas pipeline.

  • Timeline:
  • 4-11-2016 -Intervention deadline
  • 4-13-2016, 1:30pm – Hearing at Concord PUC office

» Local Distribution Company (LDC) petitions – proceedings in which PLAN-NE has petitioned to intervene:

  • NED “Market Path” LDC contracts approved by the DPU are now on appeal at the Supreme Judicial Court
  • NED “Supply Path” proceedings are now active for contracts with Berkshire Gas (Town of Montague has intervened) and Columbia Gas (Town of Andover has intervened) in the MA DPU

    » Evidentiary hearing in Berkshire Gas case – case suspended

» Survey Access petitions

Kinder Morgan has filed petitions at the DPU for survey access authorization for properties where the landowners have denied permission.