Berkshire Gas Abandons Waitlist

“We would encourage you to pursue other energy alternatives at this point, as we will no longer be maintaining a waiting list for future service,” reads a letter from Karen Zink, president of the Berkshire Gas Company.  

Berkshire Gas aggressively pushed for a major expansion of the company’s Eastern Division in the Pioneer Valley (after lobbying hard for and then mourning the failure of Kinder Morgan’s NED project), and has maintained a moratorium on new or expanded service in the area for four years.

Many remember when Berkshire Gas went to far as to say pipeline opponents were engaging in ecoterrorism and to include a message in bills sent to customers stating that the moratorium would remain in place until the NED project was “permitted and built”:


In conjunction with the submission of its new long-range forecast and supply plan, Berkshire Gas has finally abandoned its waitlist.  What’s more, the company’s forecast is now predicting a slight *decrease* in annual in demand in the Eastern Division.

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