FERC Certificate Policy Review

On February 19th, FERC re-opened it’s review of the 1999 Policy Statement issuing a new Notice of Inquiry in Docket No. PL18-1-00. The Inquiry was noticed in the Federal Register on February 24th. Comments are due April 26, 2021.

On April 19 2018, FERC issued a Notice of Inquiry of its own review policy for the  Certification of New Interstate Natural Gas Facilities as defined by the 1999 Natural Gas Policy Statement. The proceeding – Docket No. PL18-1-000 – includes a 60-day public comment period.  Comments are due July 25, 2018 (Extended 30 days):

Specifically, the Commission seeks input on whether, and if so how, the Commission should adjust: (1) its methodology for determining whether there is a need for a proposed project, including the Commission’s consideration of precedent agreements and contracts for service as evidence of such need; (2) its consideration of the potential exercise of eminent domain and of landowner interests related to a proposed project; and (3) its evaluation of the environmental impact of a proposed project. Finally, the Commission seeks input on whether there are specific changes the Commission could consider implementing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its certificate processes including pre-filing, post-filing, and post-order issuance.

» Filings of note :

» How to file comments:

Comments in this policy review proceeding are submitted online to FERC Docket PL18-1-000 via eFiling, the same as eFiling uploaded documents on pipeline project dockets. (NOTE: FERC does not allow eComments without document uploads on PL dockets.)

Comments can also be sent via postal mail:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Secretary of the Commission
888 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20426

Note: A PL proceeding of this kind does not accept anyone trying to intervene as party. If FERC decides to take some further action, there will be an opportunity to intervene.

FERC Online is at https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx

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