Northeast Energy Direct (NED)


Proceedings for the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct  Project (CP16-21) impacting Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.


» PLAN filed Motion To Dismiss and Deny NED Application with Prejudice and Terminate Proceeding Immediately, 5-2-16
» Project Status Update of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, 4-26-16
» Kinder Morgan has filed NED Answer to Protests, 3-23-15
FERC Application & Exhibits:

Resource Reports:

  • NED VolI RR 01_112015_Public
    Table of Contents, Proposed Facilities, Land Requirements, Construction Procedures, Operation and Maintenance Procedures, Future Plans and Abandonment, Permits and Approvals, Non Jurisdictional Facilities, Landowner – Agency Consultation, Summary of Cumulative Impacts.
    – Maps start with overall project map on pg. 183.
    – Maps of proposed compressor station power line connections start pg. 185.
    – Maps of Projects Within the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC8) Watershed CIAA start pg. 194
    – Maps of Projects Within Counties CIAA start pg. 206
    – Maps of Projects Within the 10-mile, 5-mile, 1-mile, and 1/4-mile CIAA start pg. 217
    – Maps of Air Emissions Projects Within 50 km of Compressor Stations CIAA start pg. 231
    – Table 1.9-2, List of Projects Potentially Contributing to Cumulative Impacts
    starts pg. 237
    – ATTACHMENT 1c, List of Sources Describing the Need for Additional Pipeline Infrastructure in the Northeast U.S., starts pg. 292
    – ATTACHMENT 1d, List of Sources for Projects Potentially Contributing to Cumulative Impacts, starts pg. 298

Many documents were filed for the multiple iterations of this project. (Search the FERC Docket for #CP16-21 to find more information).